On Audacity

I’m not creating a blog because I think my opinions are insightful or interesting. This isn’t a case of false modesty; posting on the internet is akin to yelling loudly into a valley. Slightly worse, it’s a valley that everyone, including your grandmother, because her hearing’s gone bad and she’s on Skype, is yelling into.  The reason I’m starting a blog is because I sometimes need to vent, and lack an outlet.

My venting won’t be entirely centered on books and muffins, despite the domain name. I chose it as a result of this train of thought: firstly, a lot of the good domain names are already registered, so I had limited options; secondly, I’m reading a book; thirdly, I feel like eating a muffin.

Because I am lazy, I decided to name the blog itself “Audacious”, which I stole from David Simon, who in turn stole it from Barack Obama. Simon used the word ironically. So did I, but not in the same way: my joke was that I was audaciously stealing the word “audacious”. The combined irony inspired an indie band to write a song.

Which brings us here. Hi. My name is Karim. I hope you enjoy my blog.